March 1, 2016

Wait! Don’t flush it!

On Monday, February 1, 2016, we launched a campaign we will never forget, “Defend Your Drains”. Not only did we learn a few things, but we also enjoyed working with our Dallas Water Utilities client along the way.

Defend Your Drains is a Dallas Water Utilities outreach and education program to keep our sewers free of wipes, paper towels and other damaging wastes. This multicultural campaign encompasses: radio, digital banners, Facebook & Twitter, social media ads, a bill insert, OOH (billboards), and an informational landing page.

Here are some factoids we found very interesting, and that we’re certain will spark your next happy hour conversation:

“Did you know that baby wipes – even those that claim to be flushable – aren’t so “flushable” and are clogging our drains?” #Babies #NotSoInnocent

And here’s one that will turn some heads… “Did you know that the Dallas Water Conservation Department finds the most condoms in our drains on Tuesdays and Saturdays?” – #Boom #AllEyesOnYouNow #DontFlushIt

Learn how to dispose of things correctly at and share the knowledge with your family and friends – #KeepItClean

And while you’re at it, like the campaign’s page on and follow it on Twitter at

Knowledge is power.

Last but not least, big thanks to everyone involved in the development of this campaign.

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